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Baby's Feet

About Us


Thank you for visiting the M.A.M.A. site! We are so happy that you’re here. Moscow Area Moms Alliance is a small non-profit organization founded by three generations of Moscow moms, Mama Katie, Grandma Lori, and Great Grandma Dee.  We came together as a family to start M.A.M.A. in 2021 out of a desire to better serve expectant and new mothers in the Moscow community and surrounding areas. We are passionate about motherhood and believe that the relationship between a mama and her baby is to be cherished and celebrated.

Our vision is that every mother in the Moscow area is wrapped in support through the entire journey of motherhood, from pregnancy and beyond. It is our mission to help support mothers through tangible needs, resources, and connecting them with loving relationships through our 1:1 mentorship program. Join us in our work to build resilient, healthy, and hope-filled families on the Palouse!

We want every parent to know….
  • You are not alone

  • You are exactly who your baby needs

  • Raising a baby is hard, for anybody, and you are doing the best you can

  • It's okay to ask for help

  • We are all in this, together


3 generations of mamas

What We Do

Tangible Support for New & Expectant Parents

We believe in generosity.


We recognize the tremendous financial hardship placed on families who are preparing to welcome a new child. We want to help these families shoulder the financial burden so that they can focus on what matters most - their precious little one!  We do this by hosting a FREE community baby shower for families each Spring to help equip them with tangible supplies and items they need to create a safe home for baby.

Family Mentorship

We believe in the healing power of relationships.
We work to empower new parents and families through direct family mentorship services. Our Family Mentors have lived experience with navigating community resources and advocating for children. Our Mentors work closely with families to help them build resilience and most importantly, feel seen, heard, and valued. 


We believe that there is no such thing as "somebody else's children"


Our community has a responsibility to help support all families and children. We work with local resources to help explore ideas for new services that our region may be lacking and try to inspire others to get involved in supporting our community's children. 

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